About Us

The Great Unknown is Sweet and Gritty, they have been developing their sound and repertoire since 2017.

On March 15 2019 they launched their Debut Album 'Cemetery' Road which quickly rose in the Independent Radio Blues and Roots Charts. Loved by community radio and with a steadily growing audience The Great Unknown are enjoying writing, performing and creating. 

The Great Unknown are a four piece band comprising 2 guitarists, 2 vocalists, 1 double bass player and a drummer. Their unique sound balances a range of styles - from soft sweet country harmonies, to jazzy double bass riffs with a blues twist, 6/8 soul ballads and 4/4 70's folk rock.

The Debut Album 'Cemetery Road' was recently described by PBS Radio Presenter Helen Jennings as "A Real Journey" - A HUGE COMPLIMENT!

The band is the sum of it parts, combining ideas and honouring diverse musical backgrounds, the result being beautifully crafted songs with broad appeal.